1. Marla's philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment.

    The tragedy, she said, was that she didn’t.

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  3. get to know me meme [3/5] favourite movies: She’s The Man (2006)

    "Everybody has a secret… Duke wants Olivia who likes Sebastian who is really Viola whose brother is dating Monique so she hates Olivia who’s with Duke to make Sebastian jealous who is really Viola who’s crushing on Duke who thinks she’s a guy…"

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  5. ohrobbybaby:

    HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY MARY POPPINS! (Aug 27, 1964) 

    I cannot express in words how much this film is important to my life, except maybe for supercalifragilisticexpialidociousHere I leave some of my favorite photos of the whole production of this wonderful Walt Disney picture. 

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  7. thedantomoftheopera:

    I was bored the other night and did some sketches of Erik. I started off with a skull, hence the weird nose area. When I finished Erik I thought he could use some accessories so I made a little mask and wig. Not a bad job I think and pretty fun!

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  11. but-i-knew-him:

    When a movie is so good that the DVD release doesn’t even have to put a title anywhere on the case


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    Literal burn

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  16. nickie-pickie:

what a bright future


    what a bright future

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  19.  To Winterfell we pledge the faith of Greywater. Hearth and heart and harvest we yield up to you, my lord. Our swords and spears and arrows are yours to command. Grant mercy to our weak, help to our helpless, and justice to all, and we shall never fail you.
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